Sakai Takayuki 33-Layer VG10 Damascus Urushi Chef's Kengata-Gyuto Knife 190mm with Japanese Lacquered Oak Handle [KOUSEKI]

Sakai Takayuki 33-Layer VG10 Damascus Urushi Chef’s Kengata-Gyuto Knife 190mm with Japanese Lacquered Oak Handle [KOUSEKI]

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Japanese cuisine and its authentic flavors of delicacy has garnered the attention and love from diners all over the globe. The intense blends of varying flavors in a fine selection of ingredients not only make Japanese dishes memorable and worth the try, but are as well put upon the pedestal as being among the world’s mysterious culinary gems.

Despite its popularity due to unique tastes and flavors, Japanese cuisine earns its respect for the heart-warming aesthetics, the intricate processes, and the selection of premium-quality ingredients used in the crafting of traditional delicacies. As Japanese dishes like sushi and sashimi require higher-leveled skills and the mastery of different Japanese knives, perfect, paper-thin fish slices and accurate chops are highly preferred by gourmets and are essential factors that continue to make Japanese food among the world’s most-loved cuisine.

Professional chefs and culinary experts find mastery of the blades highly significant, as the skills will determine the final flavors and the success of a dish. As this holds importance in the Japanese food industry, the birth of Omakase restaurants peaked in the recent years to welcome diners and gourmets with extreme love for sushi and sashimi dishes. Here at these luxurious, yet traditionally styled Omakase restaurants, diners are served with exquisite signature menus and authentic Japanese dishes with supreme-quality, fine selection of ingredients. Furthermore, diners can enjoy witnessing all the magic happening right in front of their eyes as professional chefs and culinary experts prepare sushi and sashimi dishes at the sushi table, baring all their skills.

As the mastery of the blades is highly important when it comes to Japanese delicacies, a high-quality Japanese knife is no doubt, a tool essential for the crafting of culinary art pieces. There are a wide variety of knife types forged uniquely by various Japanese knife brand companies. Among the most famous brands, Sakai Takayuki ranks in the ‘Top 3’ best knife brands for its premium-quality knife models forged with extremely hard steels and high-end materials.

Sakai Takayuki’s Damascus Urushi Chef’s Kengata – Gyuto Knife

Sakai Takayuki and its origin back in the city of Sakai has proved that all the knives forged and introduced into the market are of highest quality, made and processed through intricate processes. To make fine quality knives for the cooking of Japanese dishes that require varying techniques to successfully chop, slice, fillet, and cut through numerous kinds of ingredients, Sakai Takayuki’s Damascus steel knife models are just perfect for professional-use. Sakai Takayuki 33-Layer VG10 Damascus Urushi Chef’s Kengata-Gyuto Knife 190mm with Japanese Lacquered Oak Handle (Kouseki) is among Sakai Takayuki’s top Kengata-Gyuto knife series which highlights its own ‘steel hardness’ as being 60-62 HRC. As a knife with 33-layers Damascus hammered stainless steel, despite the hardness, its blade sharpness is literally no joke. The sharpness of the blade is highly important especially when it comes to Gyuto knives in general.

Therefore, professionals would definitely love working with Sakai Takayuki 33-Layer VG10 Damascus Urushi Chef’s Kengata-Gyuto Knife 190mm with Japanese Lacquered Oak Handle (Kouseki). Its handle is made out of the traditional styled Japanese lacquered Urushi-dyed Oak wood handle, further pushing this knife series towards a higher-level knife for professional use. The blade length is 190 mm, while it carries around 177 grams of weight. Excellent edge retention and center blade balance are the two main pros which can make the decision-making process a lot easier for those who look for professional blades to craft mouth-watering, delicious Japanese delicacies. If you’re a knife collector, this knife too, will be worth having in possession without doubt.