Takayuki Iwai Aogami Super Clad Kurouchi RS Japanese Chef's Gyuto Knife 210mm

Takayuki Iwai Aogami Super Clad Kurouchi RS Japanese Chef’s Gyuto Knife 210mm

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Japanese food is loved by diners from different parts of the world with its delicacy that comes along with exotic, savory flavors of raw, freshly-caught fish and unique liquid condiments like Shoyu and soy sauce. Japanese food is known to have one of the most amazing aesthetics – proved by all the pictures of vivid-colored Caviar crystals and mouth-watering Fatty Tuna sashimi uploaded onto billions of social media accounts.

Japanese delicacies like sushi and sashimi dishes served in luxurious, grand, high-end Japanese Omakase have gone viral, as diners can enjoy the bliss of witnessing all the magic happening right in front of their eyes. Hand-crafted culinary art pieces are all done at the sushi table, where Japanese food head chefs and culinary masters perform their mastery of the blades – the swift chops and perfect, all-kill slices of fine-selected fish and high-end poultry.

Japanese cuisine is known by chefs and diners alike, as having intricate cooking processes. Slight changes in the selection of ingredients or a small change in time or technique can surprisingly alter the flavors of a dish. With this being a sensitive part of Japanese cuisine, professionals and culinary experts are keen to always search for the best tools and equipment to upgrade and brush their skills every now and then, ensuring all dishes and signature menus served will satisfy diners and their tastebuds.

Among the tools essential in the crafting of Japanese delicacies like the world-famous Ebi sushi and Salmon sashimi, a Japanese knife is indeed the most important and one which holds highest significance in the making of authentic Japanese dishes. Despite the huge variations of Japanese knives out there competing in the market, professionals and culinary experts only use a few ‘selected’ brands they believe are ‘worth’ the costs and are exactly what they need to craft delicate, traditional Japanese menus.

Japan, home to various cutlery-producing cities and prefectures, introduces various knife models and series out to the world, even to the west, which further spreads the popularity and fame of Japanese knives and their quality to different parts of the globe. Although Japanese knives are made and forged in Japan, they are not limited to the cooking processes of other kinds of cuisine. Western chefs and experts also adapt the uses of different-function Japanese knives into the making of various mouth-watering dishes and praise the premium quality and guaranteed sharpness of these knives – recommending Japanese blades to friends and loved ones without hesitation.

With this, knife users and collectors are always in the look for top-tier quality Japanese knife brands they can select their knives from. Among the famous knife brands where Sakai Takayuki and Yu Kurosaki have always taken their trophies, Takayuki Iwai is absolutely another gem – indeed a mysterious, yet a brand worth looking into in the year of 2022.

Takayuki Iwai Knives

Takayuki Iwai or IWAI company is highly devoted to manufacture and forge high-end quality cutlery – Japanese knives. For two generations, Iwai has received certification, which guarantees excellent knife quality production that has been going on for ages. Instead of mass producing their knives, IWAI handcrafts all knife models and series to ensure premium quality materials and supreme, high-end quality hard steels are used.

Takayuki Iwai Aogami Super Clad Kurouchi RS Japanese Chef’s Gyuto Knife 210mm is one of IWAI’s best knife models that showcase its beautiful KUROUCHI (black finished) texture with Aogami Super steel core and a steel hardness of approximately 65 HRC. Extreme sharpness, perfect edge retention, blade durability, and its unique and luxurious Red Sandalwood handle are what makes this Gyuto knife a must-have.